Join Sarah and Vinny, as they discuss all of the most random things you've always wanted to know more about... Everything ranging from but not limited to politics, pop culture, drag, sexy pixar characters, that dog who looks like your cousin, finding out if E.T. a bottom and much more.

Previous and upcoming guests include Bob The Drag Queen(Ru Paul's Drag Race, Comedy Central), Carole Baskin (Tiger King), Margaret Cho (comedian), Daniel Franzese(Mean Girls), Kimberly J. Brown (Halloweentown), Brittany Broski (Kombucha Girl, Social Media Influencer),Peppermint (Ru Paul's Drag Race) Alaska (Ru Paul's Drag Race),Miz Cracker (Ru Paul's Drag Race), Mary Beth Barone (Comedy Central), Laganja Estranja(Ru Paul's drag race), and many more fabulous people. 


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